Secluded Waterfall in Central Oahu : Oahu
 Mossy trees in the Hoh Rainforest : Washington 
 Valley and Tetons : Wyoming
 Amalfi Coast from Palazzo Sasso : Italy 
 Haiku Stairs : Oahu
 Looking towards Katla Volcano : Iceland 
 Akaka Falls : Big Island 
 Road to Hella : Iceland
 Manoa Falls after February rain : Oahu
 Driftwood in Patagonia National Park : Chile 
 Walkway in Patagonia National Park : Chile 
 Machu Picchu evening light : Peru
 Walkway in the forrest : Alaska 
 Less traveled canyon : Iceland 
 Machu Picchu after dawn : Peru 
 Cascading Falls : Argentina 
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