Learn techniques to take gorgeous photos from a Certified Professional Photographer.  



Learn techniques that will elevate your skills to a new level from a certified professional photographer, Andrew Mchowell.  You will learn everything from basic settings to techniques that will seriously impress your friends and family.  

All workshops are private one on one (unless couples are book). Andrew believes group workshops do have their place, but for intimate and faster learning, one on one is the best way to enhance your skills in a shorter time.  

Whether you shoot with your smart phone or have invested in a DSLR, Andrew can help you simply the way you memorize and learn settings.  


Workshop locations vary depending on the time of hour you book.  Sunrise, mid-day and sunset workshops are available to book.  Refreshments, transportation, tripods, filters and a print of your best shot are all included.  

For more information, please contact Andrew Mchowell at info@ainaimagery or visit the contact page on the website.  


Thank you. 


Workshop Details

Location – Eastside Oahu

Price – $195 Single $375 Couples 
Guests – Max 2
Guides – 1
Hours –  4 hours


Photography guidance  
Print of your best shot

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